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    2016 - 08 - 17
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    Extracted from WeChat account of Zhejiang Quality SupervisionAs the leading enterprise insoft magnetic material industry of China, TDG Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TDG) upholds the ro...

    TDG Sapphire – Business Up grading Driven by Scientific Development

    Release date: 2016-01-20

    The business of TDG Sapphire achieved significant market expansion in the first half of 2015,as we capitalized on the sapphire industry’s efforts to maintain the pace ofgrowth, revised our business model, and optimized our internal management to ensure that the adjustments and steps taken for development would result in the sapphire business achieving a new leap forward.

    TDG Sapphire has accelerated its business upgrading and development while seeking a balance between stability and growth by taking the following steps:

    First, TDG Sapphire is committed to management innovation as an important meansto drive the development ofbusiness upgrading.Under the “maximizing cost-effectiveness” principle, the Sapphire business division has increased super vision of its subdivisions, made timely review and improvement of thecost control measures, andestablished the accountability of each business unit’s operations management. At the same time,it has strengthened its internal management, and implemented the process management of jobstandardization and quantification by developing position-specific process and regulations.

    As a response to the current situation,under the direction of TDG Holding, the division hasimplemented the conceptof science-based of development and the strategy forcircular economy byactively carrying out energy saving, waste reduction and technology upgrading, strived to reduce cost withtechnology, refined the production process to boost efficiency, and created an environment that encourages the entire staff to focus on cost management, cost control throughout the production process and comprehensive measures to achievecost-effectiveness. Tasked with a series of initiatives from the implementation of the energy management system to productivity improvement and consumption reduction, all employees of the division have paid close attention to every aspect of operations in the entire production process, identified new resources and cut cost, explored potential ways to improve efficiency, eliminated wastefulness, and strived tolower cost and consumption whileimproving output, efficiency andquality. As a result, the company has made substantial progress inenergy saving and waste reduction.

    Second, TDG Sapphire is committed to innovation as the main means to drive business upgrading. As a new TDG Holding business of growth, TDG Sapphire has achieved considerable development in a number of areas, from the introduction of technology and equipment to technological innovation and the designing of its own equipment. TDGhad little knowledge about sapphire technology when it first entered the sapphire business in 2010, and after years of R&D, it has successfully developed its proprietary TKY method and a full range of know-how, from designing and manufacturing crystal growth furnace to crystal growth technology. In 2011, the company succeeded in growing the 30kg-class crystals, unveiled the 90kg-class sapphire crystals at Jiaxing Chalon International Hotel in 2013, and showcased the 150kg-class crystals at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in 2014. Currently, the company can produce the equivalent of 2-inch15 million mm crystals annually, with an annual production capacityof slicing, grinding and polishing 4.8 million 4-inch substrates. The Yinchuan base of TDG Sapphire went into operation in July, 2015, and the company also unveiled the 200kg-class sapphire during the base’s opening ceremony. The company will research on how to stabilize the mass production of the large-kilogram class crystals and create larger crystals to further use TDG Sapphire’s strength in crystal growth technology that requires less energy to produce large sizes with high material utilization efficiency.

    Through its sapphire R&Dprojects and accumulation of experience in recent years, TDG has built its own characteristics and strengths in the following areas:

    1. Strengths in Crystal Growth Technology:

    1) TDG Sapphire uses an improved KY method that integrates the strengths of a variety of methods, with such competitive advantages as short crystal growth cycle, good crystal quality and low cost;

    2) The independently built crystal growth furnace has achieved the full integration of crystal growth technology and equipment, with high-precision power control, stable crystal growth and a high degree of automation;

    3) Crystals grown in the furnace have a high rate of meeting the product requirements and more than 90% of the 90kg-class crystal ingots pass product inspection, above the industry average.

    4) It has low energy consumption, with innovative thermal field and heater design that uses acomposite thermal field structure as well as the technology of main and auxiliary heating to significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in energy consumption much lower than the industry average;

    5) Crystal ingots have few defects, a high utilization rate and few air bubbles, and the crystal growth technology is capable of choosing the ingots of corresponding orientations for vertical coring based on customers’ needs to produce rods at a high rate.

    2. Strengths in Post-Processing Technology of Slicing, Grinding and Polishing:

    1) TDG Sapphire uses advanced double-sided grinding and proprietary processing technology to precisely controlthe material removal rate, roughness, surface uniformity and the sub-surface damage depth in thegrinding process.

    2) The wafer nanometer ultra-smooth surface processing technology is another area of strength. With atomic force microscopy (AFM) as the main evaluation tool, the technology makes TDG a world leader in such areas as large-size sapphire wafer plastic grinding mechanism, nano-grinding technology anddamage-free floatchemical mechanical polishing.

    3) TDG Sapphire has developed the square sapphire wafer multi-wire slicing technology toeffectively improve slicing efficiency and reduce cost, capable of slicing wafers up to 12inches, which is one of the most advancedin the world.

    4) TDG Sapphire has developed its own grinding and polishing equipment for the high-precision processing of large-sized wafer and paired it with proprietary processing techniques as an effective, world-leading technological solution to grinding and polishing large-sized wafers.

    5) TDG Sapphire uses a specially reinforced wafer annealing process to give the brittle sapphire the toughness it lacks.

    Third, TDG is committed to value chain expansion as an important means to drive business upgrading. Faced with fierce competitions andrapid changes in the market andcommitted to value chain expansion as an important means to drive market-oriented company restructuring andbusiness upgrading, TDG strives for business excellence and aims to build a stronger company while expanding its business size and scope. In addition to crystals, the strengths of the company’s value chainare also reflected in the substrates used in LED products, window materials in consumer electronics and other applications. TDG Sapphire not only gained its LED customers’ recognition in the early days but has also been gradually recognized by a large number of customers in consumer electronics, and its products are widely used in cell phone covers, watch covers, cell phone cameras and other products. Since the second half of last year, our productshave gradually become available to consumers, and this year, TDG will also launch several large projectsas newcell phone models are being released.

    Fourth, TDG is committed to marketing innovation as the starting point and fulcrum for driving business developmentand upgrading. Opportunities will always favor those enterprises that are prepared. Faced with a crisis,TDG has alwaysmaintained a clear focus and is committed to marketing innovation as the starting point and fulcrum for drivingcompany restructuring and business upgrading. The company is committed to developing innovative marketing approaches in various areas such as marketing strategy, sales channels andmarketing tools, integrating marketing resources, improving the marketing system, expanding market shares, and actively seeking newways for business cooperationto continuously capture business opportunities and identify new growth points for the company.