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    2016 - 08 - 17
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    Extracted from WeChat account of Zhejiang Quality SupervisionAs the leading enterprise insoft magnetic material industry of China, TDG Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TDG) upholds the ro...

    Seeking for Solution of LED Lighting Industry in Yangtze River Delta

    Release date: 2016-08-11


    On the afternoon of August 11, the forum with the theme of Seeking for Solution of LED Lighting Industry in Yangtze River Delta was held in Jiaxing City. Yao Yue, General Secretary of Jiaxing LED Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association/ Industry Alliance, gave a welcoming speech. Ms. Guan Baiyu, General Secretary of China Semiconductor Lighting/ LED Industry and Application Alliance, and Ni Ying, Deputy Director of Jiaxing Economic and Information Technology Commission, attended the forum and gave speeches. Duan Jinzhu and Tan Guoliang, Vice Presidents of TDG, and Guo Yuebo, Operating General Manager of Crystal Material Business Unit of TDG, attended the forum on invitation.




    The guests introduced the smartness and application in Internet of LED Lighting by taking the development of their own enterprises as clues. For example, Tang Guoqing, General Manager of Samsung LED (China), expatiated that the final development of lighting is lighting through Internet with the theme of trans-field development and reconstruction. Tan Guoliang introduced to the guests the history and development of sapphire industry as well as other industries. At present, he expressed, TDG’s sapphire products can be extensively applied to many fields including wearable terminals, wireless mobile communication, and aerospace. Last June, TDG held a press conference of 200KG sapphire crystal. As the heaviest sapphire crystal with Kyropoulos method, the 200KG sapphire crystal is expected to become the segmented application component throughout all terminal, and the market demand will tend to increase at a high speed in the next few years according to industrial forecast.